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Do you take care of bugs?

No. Please call us for a recommendation.

Do you remove skunks?

Yes… we remove all wildlife.

What are these little holes in my yard?

Skunks will dig shallow holes to feast on grubs living just under your sod. The holes are approximately 1/2 inch deep and the circumference of a silver dollar.

What if I had a bat in my house?

Bats do not frequently fly in an open door as you walk in your home. Bats in the living quarters of your home is usually an indication of a bigger problem in your attic. Please contact our office for more information on how to rid your home of bats.

Note: The PA Health Department advises anyone who wakes up in a room with a bat to contact your physician to begin rabies vaccination.

Was something bowling in my attic?

Maybe…. Squirrels will cash nuts in your attic and periodically move them around. If you think someone is bowling in your attic, you have a squirrel problem!

Squirrels can chew wiring in your home and create a fire hazard!!

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