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I was referred to Crespo’s by a local pest management company that was not licensed to deal with whatever wildlife was making loud scrabbling noises in my upstairs walls. I spoke to Larry & Patrick and was able to schedule a visit within a day or two that worked with both our schedules. My house does not have an attic or even a crawl space below the main roof so I was a little concerned about how it would be possible to get whatever animal this was out of my house without cutting a hole in the walls. Patrick set several traps outside and a couple of traps in the one accessible crawl space under the front eave. Within a day or two, a flying squirrel was captured inside. According to Larry, flying squirrels tend to colonize, so a decision was made to keep the traps replenished & in place a little longer. Crespo’s was willing to keep coming back until noises were no longer heard in the walls. It took about a month and the final bill was not as heart-stopping as I thought it might be! In addition to being willing to work around my availability, both Larry & Patrick were polite, knowledgeable & willing to answer any questions I might have.

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