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When you are sitting upstairs watching TV and you hear the click, click tapping of feet above you and then hear some one bowling up in the attic and then hear the chattering, You know you have a squirrel. To my own fault I have feeders out and every one eats from them so when the red squirrel found a way into the house on a cold winter night you start to worry about the damage he will do, wires chewed etc. Not knowing who to call I called Eherlich who referred me to Crespo’s. Best thing that could have happened. I called that night and the next day Patrick came to set the trap and it is nice to have a kill/no kill option. Everything worked out great, Patrick checked the trap the next day and the squirrel was caught but he left trap in case there was more than 1 which luckily there wasn’t. He told my boyfriend that they are 24/7 if we need anything call and he would be right out to help. I HIGHLY recommend this company!!!!! 5 Stars for sure.

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